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Does art only have intangible value?


It is easy to think that only works created by people in the art industry are artwork. However, art was first created to record history. It was used as a means of recording history through symbols, drawings, or shapes of tools or objects in order to not forget the times.

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Can a certain profession monopolize art? It can be confidently said that no profession can. Any work made by any profession can be a work of art. However, the artwork will be judged according to whether they are worth being recorded or not.


The definition that art is intangible and ‘the subject will vanish’ will become the wrong statement if seen from the ‘recording’ perspective. Art can be evaluated based on whether the artwork has the value worth recording or not, rather than from the tangibility or intangibility perspective.

Can we still say that the art recorded only has intangible value?


All records would have been forgotten without any evidence if it wasn’t for the record of the first human symbols and cuneiform left by the Sumerians who first started leaving traces of history on wet clay using tools from 3000 BC.


Of course, the value of a recordable work of art can be an adventure, but the fact that this has to be done by an institution, individual, or the government cannot be changed either. Investment in art is important because they are investments in inspiration and personality, so the more investment is neglected, the more an individual or country will lack inspiration and personality and just become an animal that cannot even feel self-love.